We are extremely proud to achieve a Wired Recommends for our NS1100 AIR.

"I first encountered the Swedish audio company Nocs Design around 10 years ago, when it released a couple of stylish earbuds. I tested those—the titanium-bodied NS400and the bass-forward NS600—and found both to be pretty great, with superb sound, sharp aesthetics, and a good in-ear fit. Nocs went on to make some nice DJ headphonesand a set of desktop speakers, then the brand sort of disappeared.

More accurately, it mutated. The founder and lead designer, Daniel Alm, switched over to designing some fancy watches that were sold under the name Nocs Atelier. After some years in the drift, Alm and his team are returning their attention to audio. The first Nocs audio product in years is a pair of wireless earbuds called the NS1100 Air."

Michael Calore - Wired 



About Nocs Design

Delivering high end sound products since 2009. We’re renowned for our ability to create exceptionally well-crafted earphones, headphones and speakers that meet the varied needs of today’s professional DJs and serious audiophiles.


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